Ask me to!!

 Our weekly Ask me to!!

We are learning so much and working so hard in class. Here is some of what we are up to in class:

 Please Ask Me to:

1. Tell you about the H Brothers and show you the page that I made to show you what each Brother looks like and says!  Please read the letter to parents page that I printed on the green page on the other side of your child's printing work.

2. do my printing on the green page.  We studied the letters n, i and w this week.  At the bottom of the page, print some of my sight words to practice letter formation and spelling.

***When I bring home printing work, I will need your supervision because I am really focusing on proper letter formation.

Parents: Please remind me of the way I print my letters, use the vocabulary printed on the page for the letters ( pull back, in around and back around for s). Please make sure I write my name and send it back to school in my Ask me to folder for Madame to see my awesome efforts. 

3.  show you and keep all other work at home....we are still sending some of our holiday work home.

4. Don't forget to sign permission form and pay online for our class field trip!

***Please send Ask me to folder back to school with printing page on Monday and keep all other work at home.**


Have a great weekend! 

Mme Kwiatkowski

Here are some wonderful educational French sites for you and your children to explore and learn with.

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