Ask me to!!

 Our weekly Ask me to!!

Hello Families, 

 Ask me to folders were sent home today, Friday!

Please look at the printing page that I sent home for students to complete. We are working hard on proper printing of our numbers and LOWER CASE letters :)
Please have them use a pencil for the printing, reminders:
- we start all of our numbers and letters at the top!
- we never take our pencil off the page while printing the lower case letters m, s, b, or c. 
- please watch them print these, they will try their best knowing you are proudly watching them. You can remind them if you see them starting a letter at the bottom or not following the structure of printing the letters and numbers that I have explained with them (on the page). 

After the printing practice, please see our videos page and have them sing and watch the letters "m", "s", "b", "f", "c"and "t" songs.

***Please send the printing page and the Ask me to folder. 
Thank you, 

Have a great weekend!!

Mme Kwiatkowski

Here are some wonderful educational French sites for you and your children to explore and learn with.

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